The Goddesses


Goddesses who walk the old forgotten places
Arrive from far off lands,
Revive those places where
They weaved the threads of history
Always linked, one to another
They dream of the light
In the shade of the old walnut groves,
Under the watchful gaze
Of their hidden angel.

Every countenance returns the gaze
They whisper to each other in the background.

The light footsteps
The ephemeral flights
The quiet voices
The silent screams
The echo of their music
They hide their emotions
Behind the light smile
Of those who know, that their goddess lies
in the depths of the shadows

Lost in time,
With the memory and the dream
Of experiences lived
They find their way in the sleepy rift
Searching until they find their way out
Into the faint light
Of a glowing morning.

The sun is born, the moon is born,
Time does not stop,
Water runs, rivers, seas, oceans,
Down through the years
Coursing without end
Like my blood running through my veins
Carrying the story of the goddesses
In the memories of the many lives
I have lived.